Hovborg Kro's history - more than 200 years ...

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    The farmhouse has a new thatched roof in March 2016


Hovborg Kro - thatched roof of the old building since 1790

The old road where large herds of cattle were driven to the southern part of the heathland formed the basis of the inn Hovborg Kro. 

The origin dates back to earlier than 1750 and in 1790 the present house with the thatched roof was built and has respectfully been preserved through centuries.

Hovborg Kro's history - since 1750

Year 1750
About 1750 the countryside was remarkable for its wasteland and drifting sand. The first known owner of the inn was Peter Kristensen, and the village Hovborg only consisted of a handful of farms. 

Year 1850
During the years from 1835 to 1862, Johan Kristoffer Steinmeier Sørensen left his mark on the operation of the inn as well as on the development of the area. A grocer’s shop was established, and he initiated the foundation of the Hovborg Plantage Company, and he is attributed the honor that the plantation had an early start in this area.

A subsequent innkeeper, Nicolaj Poulsen, was a competent farmer as well and about 1880 he was the first to grow sugar beets. But in 1888 his enterprise also found expression in the building of a water mill at the stream Holme Å, in the cultivation of large heathland areas and the organization of a so-called co-operative diary at the mill. He ended his life work by bestowing about 1,4 acres of land to be used for the building of a church and to establish a cemetery. 

Year 1900
About the turn of the century (1900) Vorbasse market was one of the most important in central Jutland with an inrush to Hovborg Kro of up to 50 carriages and more than 100 guests. This became the time for a cautious restoration and extension of the inn, realized by the new owner Poul Nikolajsen. Belongings were sold for the erection of a power station, a new dairy and a sawmill as well as 25 stores and houses, and a temperance society was established.

In 1906 a monument was erected in Hovborg plantation for the deceased Johan Kristoffer Steinmeier Sørensen, and in the years to follow the inn dynasty were also the owners of the three ins Kryb-i-ly Kro, Bække Kro as well as Brædstrup Kro. So it has been living human beings, with public spirit and with the sense of movements of that period, who have influenced the operation of the inn and also the village, which mostly occupies the previous belongings of the inn. 

Year 1950
The most recent owners of the inn dynasty, Peter Nikolajsen (deceased 1969) and his son Niels Nikolajsen (deceased 1983) continued the business in the same spirit and in 1977 a new conference center was established in the old stables. 

In 1983 two Danish agriculture organizations (Danske Husmandsforeninger represented by Chr. Sørensen and De Danske Landboforeninger represented by P. Chr. Ottosen) bought the inn including surroundings, and the same year Hovborg Agricultural School was established as a center of education within the scope of agriculture and farming. On 1 April 1985 the present owners of the inn, Johanne and Jørgen Jørgensen, were engaged as managers of the inn, and on 1 July 1991 they entered into a lease of the inn to take full responsibility on 1 July 1999, when they bought the inn from the Danish agriculture organizations represented by Peter Gæmelke. 

A tour of the inn, preferably with expert guidance of the host, is quite an experience. 
One really senses and feels "old days" as authenticity and originality is really taken into account. With a gentle touch and without desturbing the old atmosphere, we have installed the modern facilities, which today's guest appreciates.

Welcome to our inn

Johanne & Jørgen Jørgensen,
Lene & Henrik Stoustrup,
Dorthe & Tom Jørgensen

... and all members of staff.

The 3 generations 

In 2008, the change of generations from parents to daughters started slowly. Lene Stoustrup, restaurant manager and Dorthe Munk Jørgensen, reception manager has entered the management of Hotel Hovborg Kro & Kursuscenter.

On April 1, 2015 the hosts of Hotel Hovborg Kro, Johanne & Jørgen Jørgensen 
celebrated their 30th anniversary at the inn.

The picture shows the two hosts with their two daughters, two sons in law 
and four grandchildren:

The youngest daughter, reception manager Dorthe Jørgensen and her husband chef Tom Jørgensen, 
parents of Niklas and David.

The eldest daughter, restaurant manager Lene Stoustrup and her husband head chef Henrik Stoustrup, 
parents of Felix and Luca.
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    Former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and the hosts Johanne & Jørgen Jørgensen at the inauguration of monument for deceased Chairman and Member of Parliament Ivar Hansen.

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